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Bend Handyman Pros Services

Our Experts Offers A Full Range Repair Services
Plumbing issues handled


Reliable plumbers for all your plumbing needs in and around Bend, Oregon! From repairs to installations, count on us for expert solutions and timely service. We follow the Oregon adopted codes and standards too for plumbing.

Expert electricians


Bend Oregon handyman Expert electricians for all your repair service needs! From installations to repairs, trust us for safe, efficient, and reliable electrical solutions. We are aware and follow the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health guidelines!

carpentry needs done right


Skilled carpenters crafting custom solutions as part of a professional handyman service! From furniture to fixtures, rely on us for quality woodwork and precise detailing.

bend oregon handyman installing appliances


Versatile and efficient handyman decorators for your space! Transforming interiors with creative touches and skilled craftsmanship.

Makeovers made easy


Handyman makeovers: Revamp your space hassle-free! From repairs to renovations, we transform homes with skill and precision providing excellent customer service along the way.

Odds jobs are no problem


Efficient handyman for all odd jobs! From small repairs to odd tasks, count on us for quick, reliable solutions and a job well done. See our articles on Why you Need a Handyman to learn more!

Why Choose Us


Consistent track record of punctuality, responsiveness, and completing tasks as promised. We strive to provide excellent service along the way with it!


Offering a wide range of services with expertise in various trades, catering to diverse household needs in the central Oregon area.

Quality Workmanship

Demonstrated craftsmanship, attention to detail, and use of high-quality materials for lasting results ensures customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Bend, Oregon handymen that provide exceptional customer service, clear communication, and a commitment to client satisfaction ensure pleasant experiences.

Bend Handyman Pros stay within budget and time

Within budget & time

Bend Handyman Pros upholds budget commitments and respects client schedules by employing strategic planning and open communication as affordable handyman professionals. Initially, our team thoroughly assesses projects, discussing scope, costs, and timelines transparently. We provide detailed estimates, ensuring alignment with client expectations. Throughout the job, we strictly adhere to the agreed-upon plan, monitoring expenses and utilizing top-quality materials to avoid unexpected costs. Regular updates keep clients informed, promptly addressing any necessary adjustments. Our efficient scheduling and dedication to commitments ensure timely project completion, honoring the client’s time constraints and delivering on our initial promises. This diligent approach fosters trust, reliability, and client satisfaction.

Bend, Oregon Handyman That Do It All

Here we excel by boasting a skilled workforce adept in various trades, from plumbing and electrical work to carpentry, painting, and even simple repairs. Bend Handyman Pros can even perform furniture assembly, dryer-vent cleaning, lighting fixture installation, or drywall repair as well as anything else that might need a handyman’s hands.

Offering a comprehensive suite of services, including maintenance services and remodeling, eliminates the hassle of needing multiple contractors. Our commitment to consistent quality is evident through rigorous training, adherence to industry standards, and the use of top-notch materials. All these characteristics make us the premier place to find a Bend, Oregon handyman!

On top of that, efficient project management also ensures timely and reliable results, while a customer-centric approach prioritizes satisfaction through transparent communication, tailored solutions, and responsive service. This integrated approach enables us to provide diverse services while upholding high standards of craftsmanship and customer care for every part of your home, so yes, we do it all!

Bend Handyman Pros can do it all


Our operational hours are from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday. It’s an opportune moment to address your minor home repairs, improvements, or odd jobs. Given our screening process for calls, leaving a detailed voice message, including your location, ensures a prompt response, as we diligently check voicemails. We also offer a free consultation to help homeowners with all their home improvement, repair, installation, and maintenance needs. Supporting local businesses like ours is greatly appreciated. Reach out today and let us assist you!

In summary, no. Although we don’t handle extensive projects, we specialize in numerous minor jobs. Our expertise lies in addressing overlooked details within significant renovations.

Absolutely! Whether it’s swapping out a faucet, fixing a running toilet, or repairing minor sink leaks within the scope that doesn’t demand a licensed plumber, feel free to reach out to us.

Certainly! Feel free to contact us for electrical tasks that don’t necessitate a licensed electrician. For issues like broken switches, damaged outlets, or replacing light fixtures or fans (up to 11′ 6″ high), we’ve got you covered. We offer services like switching old outlets to child-safe (tamper-resistant) or GFCI outlets. Additionally, we handle replacing burned-out light bulbs (12’ ceilings max.) and upgrading outdoor floodlights (15′ max height.)

Absolutely! Our expertise lies in handling minor tasks such as the removal or installation of hardware. Painters commonly require hardware removal before painting, and we’re equipped to take it down and reinstall it once your painting job is completed.

Each task varies, and while we have fixed prices for numerous services, not all are like this. To ensure accuracy, sharing photos and a comprehensive project description before scheduling is ideal. It’s essential to note that unexpected factors may arise during home projects, which is why proper home maintenance is crucial. Our pricing is typically tailored to each specific job and location, prioritizing precision over hourly rates. We make sure we have competitive prices and understand how the competition prices as well.

We offer complimentary online estimates through phone, text, Facebook Messenger, and email, utilizing the details you share with us. Should an on-site estimate be necessary (or requested by you) before scheduling work, there is typically a minimum fee for this service.

We are situated in Bend, OR, aiming to efficiently serve clients within a 40-mile radius, ensuring cost-effectiveness and swift turn-around times. Occasionally, we extend our services beyond this radius. Please reach out with a thorough description of the work and your location for further assistance.

At times, we can accommodate same-day scheduling. Generally, our scheduling falls within a few days to a week, contingent on our current workload. We prioritize tasks that can be completed within a few hours or a maximum of a day or two.

Although we might not offer the lowest rates on everything, our focus remains on delivering exceptionally high-quality work in Bend, Oregon, and the surrounding area. We take immense pride in executing tasks with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring quality craftsmanship since we take pride in not being your average handyman. We’re dedicated to assisting homeowners in rectifying overlooked aspects and ensuring each home stands out for its excellence.